5 Careers you wouldn’t expect to need a DBS check

16th Jan 2024

While the need for a DBS check is expected in certain professionals like healthcare or teaching, there are several careers where a DBS check is required but may not spring to mind.

careers who need a DBS check

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1. Bus Drivers

Bus drivers may not immediately think they need a DBS check unless they're transporting vulnerable populations like schoolchildren. They may require a standard DBS check if they don't have regular contact with vulnerable individuals. This type of check will show any spent or unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands, or warnings the applicant has.

If bus drivers have regular contact with vulnerable indivduals, they will likely be required to undergo an enhanced DBS check. This type of check reveals spent, unspent convictions, and any relevant information held by local police that they deem appropriate for disclosure.

Consult potential employers or relevant regulatory bodies to understand the specific DBS check requirements for bus drivers.


2. Librarians

Despite their interaction with the public, librarians are typically not involved in roles that require unsupervised access to vulnerable people. However, in some settings, especially where children’s programmes take place, a DBS check might be required. This is especially true for librarians who organise children’s reading sessions, events, or other programmes that involve regular, close contact with vulnerable individuals.

The requirements for background checks, including DBS checks, can vary by country and region. Librarians should consult local regulations and guidelines to determine whether they need a DBS check.


3. IT Professionals

DBS checks are required for IT professionals depending on their role and the environment they work in. In situations where IT professionals may come into contact with vulnerable populations (such as healthcare, schools, or social services), a DBS check might be required.

This is often the case when IT professionals are involved in the implementation or maintenance of systems that handle personal or sensitive data.

Some employers have specific policies regarding background checks, and the IT industry may have standards or certifications that require individuals to undergo background checks as part of the certification process.

IT professionals have access to sensitive company information, trade secrets, or critical systems Therefore, employers may conduct background checks to ensure the trustworthiness and integrity of their employees.


4. Gardeners/Landscapers

Typically, the work of gardeners or landscapers wouldn’t involve close and unsupervised contact with vulnerable individuals. However, specialised roles in settings like schools might necessitate a check.

The need for a DBS check can also depend on the nature of the gardener’s job responsibilities. A DBS check might be required if they work unsupervised or have frequent contact with vulnerable individuals.

Some employers or institutions may have policies that require certain roles, including gardeners, to undergo DBS checks as part of their safeguarding measures, irrespective of whether there’s direct contact with vulnerable individuals. It might be a part of their broader risk assessment and safeguarding policies.


5. Delivery Drivers

Even though delivery drivers interact with the public, they may not need a DBS check. However, if they are delivering to schools or care homes, this could be a different story. If they are coming into regular contact with vulnerable indivduals such as transporting to schools or care homes, then there might be a requirement for a DBS check.


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