5 Easter Activities for the Elderly

4th Apr 2023

Need some inspiration this Easter? Here are our top 5 Easter activities that are care home friendly.


1. Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Eggs

Who doesn't love a classic Easter Egg hunt?

This activity can get friends and family involved too. You can create some fun clues to guide your residents to your hiding spots. If the weather's nice, you can hide the eggs outside as well as inside. Remember to make the hiding spots accessible so everyone can join in the fun. If preferred, the Easter egg hunt could be for the grandchildren of the residents. Foil-wrapped eggs work well.


Another option is a game similar to Where's Wally, but instead of searching for Wally, you’re searching for an Easter egg. To make this game a little more egg-citing, when somebody finds the hidden Easter egg, they win an Easter treat. Just search for 'Find the Easter egg game'. There are lots of different variations available, pick your favourites and print.



2. Easter Quiz


A little competition never hurt anybody!

This activity will get everybody involved and engaged. You can create your own Easter quiz or find one on Google for all your residents and staff to participate in. This activity is both cost-effective and a fun way to keep everyone in good spirits.

3. Easter Baking

Easter Baking

Ready ... Set ... Cook!!!

Put your chef hats on and get baking. You could organise a bake-off or a cupcake decorating competition. You could ask your residents what their favourite sweet or savoury Easter treats are and find an easy recipe online. Or decorate some Easter biscuits with their favourite toppings.


4. Decorate Easter Eggs

Decorate Easter Eggs

Get artsy this Easter

For this activity, your residents will get to showcase their creative side. You could print off some Easter themed templates and provide a bunch of colourful pens and pencils. Or you could purchase some paintable mini eggs.


5. Play Easter Bingo

Easter Bingo

Get your bingo markers out and get dobbing!

It's fun, easy, and sociable. It is simple to set up and super affordable. All you need to do is find some Easter themed bingo cards and get some markers or dabbers. There could be mini-Easter egg prizes for the winners of each round!

If you have new staff joining after the Easter break, please email or visit for DBS checks to ensure your team are compliant.

We hope you enjoyed our top 5 Easter activities.

We wish you all a Happy Easter Weekend!

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