DBS check Transfer Guide

27th Feb 2024

Welcome to our DBS check Transfer Guide! If you’re switching employers and need to transfer your Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check, you’re in the right place.

DBS Check Transfer Guide

Switching jobs can be an exciting yet nerve-wracking experience, especially when it comes to administrative tasks like background checks. If you already have a DBS check from your current employer, you might wonder if you can transfer it to your new workplace. Let’s dive into what you need to know about transferring your DBS check to your new employer.


Understanding DBS checks

Before delving into the transfer process, it’s crucial to understand what DBS checks entail. DBS checks, formerly known as CRB checks, are background checks carried out in the UK. They assess an individual’s criminal record and help employers make informed decisions, particularly in roles involving work with vulnerable groups or sensitive information.


The transfer process

Unlike some documents or qualifications, DBS checks cannot be directly transferred from one employer to another. Each employer or organisation requiring a DBS check must conduct their own assessment. However, having a recent or valid DBS certificate from your current employer can streamline the process.


Informing your new employer

When transitioning to a new job, it’s essential to inform your new employer about your existing DBS certificate. Provide them with a copy of the certificate and any relevant details. Although your new employer may not be able to directly accept the certificate, they may use it to expedite the DBS check process.


The role of validity

The validity period of a DBS certificate varies depending on the level of check and certain factors like the type of work being undertaken. If your existing DBS certificate is still within its validity period and the level of check matches the requirements of your new role, it may be accepted by your new employer, saving time and effort for both parties.


New DBS Application

Your new employer may require you to apply for a fresh DBS check as part of their standard procedures. Even though, you may still have a valid certificate from a previous employer.

This ensures compliance with their organisation policies and provides updated information for the specific role you’ll be undertaking.

While you cannot transfer a DBS directly from one employer to another, having a valid certificate from your current workplace can facilitate the process of obtaining a new one for your new job. Be proactive in communicating with your new employer and providing them with the necessary documentation to streamline the DBS check process and start your new role smoothly.


Thank you for reading our DBS check Transfer Guide. If you have any questions, Shelley will be more than happy to help! Please email or phone 0118 4023793.


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