Everything you need to know about DBS checks

3rd Feb 2023

If you are applying for a new job role, you might be required to have a DBS check. But why is this?

If you are uncertain of whether your employees need a DBS check or uncertain for yourself, we have put together a short guide on what a DBS check is, who requires one and how to start the process.

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What is a DBS check?

A DBS check is a Disclosure and Barring Service check. Previously known as a CRB check (Criminal Record Bureau).

For certain job roles, a crucial aspect of hiring a new staff member is conducting a thorough background check.

DBS checks can help employers determine whether a candidate is suitable or not. They can see if they have currently got or previously had any convictions that could make them unsuitable to work in specific job roles.

A DBS check includes searches for any cautions, warnings, reprimands & convictions.

A DBS check can be done by post or online. Employers can request them when hiring employees for certain job roles such as working in childcare, vulnerable adults, and healthcare, including dentistry.

What jobs require DBS checks?

dentist dbs checks

DBS checks are used to ensure that employees are suitable for the job they are being hired for. And no not all jobs require you to hold a DBS check.

However certain jobs such as:

  • dentists,
  • dental nurses,
  • doctors,
  • nurses,
  • teachers,
  • nursery workers,
  • childminders will require a DBS check.

Some volunteer roles also require them such as a Scout leader, Rainbow/Brownie leaders and volunteers who work with children or vulnerable adults as in respite centres for example.

Different types of DBS checks

There are 3 different types of DBS checks.

  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Enhanced

At Cavity we offer Standard and Enhanced DBS checks as individuals can apply for a Basic DBS check themselves.

An Enhanced DBS is a more in-depth check into the applicant’s background, some positions require this however others do not, so you will need to know which is relevant to your position being applied for.

How do I get a DBS check?

Depending on which level of DBS check you require, different routes can be taken to get one.

If you are starting a job which requires a DBS check, your employer should apply on your behalf.

If an Enhanced DBS check is needed, only an organisation such as your new employer can apply for that.

Here at Cavity DBS, for both levels of certificate we take your initial request via email or through our dedicated DBS website

At that point, you provide us with the required information we need to complete the form, such as all previous names known by, a full 5 years of address history, driving licence number and National Insurance number among other pieces of information.

We complete the DBS application form on your behalf which then gets sent to you to check over and sign. Once you have signed it, we receive it back and once payment has been made, we then finish off our vetting checks and then the form is sent for processing.

Once the form has been sent for processing, the DBS certificate is delivered by post to your home address. The form can take up to 6 weeks to be returned to you.

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